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The New iPhone Part 2: iPhone 11
LongBeachGriffy — Published 2 weeks ago
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RanSL Dude make a video about the $999 apple stand lol
Christian Cruz
Christian Cruz I’m literally seeing these youtubers buying almost 3 iPhone 11’s talking about it “ain’t all that bad” like nah we know it’s bad stop lying 😂
Kimmm Hoseokkk
Kimmm Hoseokkk THAt's a LaTe ReLeasE
Anna Vasiliadi
Anna Vasiliadi An iPhone with a camera: 1499€ while a smart tv is cheaper
Ellie Avenelle
Ellie Avenelle ISN'T THIS THE TRUTH! I wouldn't buy any of those Apple phones. I have an LG android that is probably 4-5 years old and is still going strong. I paid $129 CASH for insurance on fancy $50 special charger. If/when it dies, it will have served me well, and I will replace it with a comparable model that won't cost a dog, both legs, and an eye. I won't have to mortgage my house or sign a lifetime service contract to get it. Apple is making literally billions of dollars off of people who can not afford their high-priced stuff, and is giving them nothing more than a little "apple" logo on their phone. Wake up folks! Break free of the wildebeest herd. Keep your dollars in your pocket!