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Jake Tapper leaves Roy Moore spokesman speechless - Vidozee

Jake Tapper leaves Roy Moore spokesman speechless
CNN — Published 2 years ago
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Ted Crockett, A spokesman for Judge Roy Moore's campaign, told CNN's Jake Tapper that Moore probably thinks homosexual conduct should be illegal and later is left speechless when Tapper fact checks him about lawmakers having to swear on the bible.

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Brenda Blakeney
Brenda Blakeney Kudos to Jake for keeping a straight face throughout this interview, especially when he referred to Individual 1 as a "Christian"!
Hugh Noahimsayin
Hugh Noahimsayin SEPARATE THE COUNTRY INTO 2 COUNTRIES! Then sit back and watch all the red state christina soaked sewers become 3rd world countries! (They don't have that far to go) EVERY one of these republitoilets gets back more money from OUR GOVT. than they pay in to the system!
BdR76 9:34 What a mouth breather, he sounds like Forrest Gump. He sounds like Robert Smigel playing a over the top southern character.
paul sheehan
paul sheehan If I were in Alabama, I`d feel allot better, if Moore was in D.C. I would not have to worry, about him stalking & f--king my kids...
aeon lincoln
aeon lincoln 9:44 Ohh my God, that face! Bwahahahha