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The Dumbest
Updoot Reddit — Published 4 weeks ago
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The Omniversalist
The Omniversalist Isn't 90%+ of "the problems of millennials" originate from the generation prior
Lachlan Old people are the real parasites of the world
dizzybynature funny how boomers forget that they implemented the policies effecting millennials that they then use to blame millennials..
well mom, i dont remember voting when i was 16 but maybe thats just because we are all lazy..
dizzybynature Millennials dont want homes?
right because the student loan debt that will follow me my entire life has no bearing on whether or not i ask for another loan for a house..
and the salary i make at 35 is the same that you made in 1981 at the same age while the prices keep going up..
& my salary wont pay for the upkeep of the house, mortgage, & student loans..
apparently inflation is beyond their grasp..