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Top 10 Revolutionary Inventions That Were Hidden From Us -

As we strive towards amazing new revolutionary inventions that could change the world, there are always going to be others who want to keep things the way they are. With that in mind; here are some amazing Hidden and Suppressed Inventions that you probably didn't know about!
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Be Amazed at... The 99mpg Car - Fuel efficiency has always been a bragging right of automobile manufacturers, and we in the West are always looking for a good mix of function and form in this respect. THC Cancer Cure - Back in 2001, Nova Scotia resident Rick Simpson found that he was able to cure a cancerous growth on his skin in only several days. HEMP Farming and Products - What was once a huge industry in America; has quietly gone by the way side and become nothing more than a ditch weed to many. Cloudbuster - In the 1950’s a man by the name of Wilhelm Reich created the Cloudbuster. Wilhelm created this Cloudbuster with aims at controlling the weather in a sense. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) - The relief people can gain from pain by moving electrical impulses throughout the body are largely known today, and TENS units are actually widely used; but this wasn’t always the case. Rife Device - In 1934, inventor Royal Rife cured no less than 14 terminally ill cancer patients. By pointing his laser rays at cancerous viruses, this device was even able to cure hundreds of his animal patients as well. Water Powered Car - The Electric Car and the 99mpg cars were suppressed, and that hurt,however it’s an absolute tragedy when it comes to Stan Meyer’s Water Powered Car. Cold Fusion - A long sought after alternative to hot fusion and nuclear power plants; cold fusion achieves the same reactions and power fluctuations but with much less energy usage, or the danger inherent in it. The Blacklight Fuel Cell - The Blacklight fuel cell is either one of two things. It’s either a functioning relic of old Cold fusion dreams, or a fraudsters attempt at lining their own pockets from the gains of hopeful patrons. Nikola Tesla - The name Tesla is synonymous now in Electric cars. He certainly did invent a wide array of very important things that are still lost to this day.


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