Is this African teenager a future coding superstar? - BBC News - Vidozee

Is this African teenager a future coding superstar? - BBC News
BBC News — Published 11 months ago
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Schoolgirl Tomisin Ogunnubi is a teenager with a passion for programming.
Three years ago she created My Locator, an app which helps children who are lost.
The mobile app, which is available on the Google Play Store, has already been downloaded more than 1,000 times since its debut in 2016.
"The app can also link you to Google Maps and show you the directions from your current location to the location that yo...

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Kevin I definitely give the teenager kudos for doing this... Then again, this isn't that crazy.. I was coding proxy websites at age 14 and there are much younger children building very successful apps now. Unfortunately, they are not all of color and don't make a cool story for news outlets like this
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior Just look at that black created SHIT HOLE
I declared war on your french ass
I declared war on your french ass I remembered when there was an article where a Black kid was considered "An Extraordinary genius" When he simply just built a personal computer. And now this?
Ania Opoka
Ania Opoka Being able to write a code or being a developer doesn't mean much when you're not using it to make someone's life easier or better.
Just because this app is easy to make does not mean it was a bad idea to do it.
Actually I'd say she is very smart to create a simple app which can make such a big difference to many people.

Who knows what she can come up with in the future if she feels support from others now? :)

Have a good day people