Divorcing My Husband…for 24 Hours! (Emotional) | Rebecca Zamolo - Vidozee

Divorcing My Husband…for 24 Hours! (Emotional) | Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo — Published 3 months ago
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Rebecca Zamolo gets emotional after divorcing her husband for 24 hours!

In this video Rebecca Zamolo notices Matt spying on her for 24 hours and decides to prank him by pretending to be divorcing her husband. She joins Bailey who is ninja training her to help her defeat the red hood hacker at Vidcon. Bailey is the ex-boyfriend of Lizzy Sharer and he does ninja training with Rebecca to teach new skills and make Ma...

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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo Who do you think took the divorce worse- Daniel or Matt?
munawar sultana
munawar sultana I thke daniel took it
Rahul Chopra
Rahul Chopra Daniel