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Solving The EXTREMELY DIFFICULT Wave 7 Puzzle!! - Vidozee

Solving The EXTREMELY DIFFICULT Wave 7 Puzzle!!
Chris Ramsay — Published 1 week ago
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Today I'm going to attempt to solve the very difficult level 9 jigsaw puzzle named Wave 7 by Yuu Asaka. This requires all seven pieces to fit snuggly inside the frame... sounds easy

No Cry - Fasion
Ocean roads - swif7
Snake Plant -Jobii
Scootaloo - Jobii
Snow Flurry - Guustavv

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Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay 3 Million is an insanely big number. I can’t even imagine what that number really is. But I know that I love what I do and it’s thanks to you guys that I get to do it.
sonny mach
sonny mach take a shot every time he says wave puzzle
Dragon maid
Dragon maid Jesus Christ, Chris - way to trigger me !!!!! honestly I would have taken that off you and smashed it if id been anywhere near Canada - but im in Aussie and im not crossing the artic circle for that or anything mate. But OMG putting those pieces in randomly with the empty spaces sticking every which way - I had to have a bourbon. seriously!
Sniper The thumbnail is stupid it can easily fit by flipping it
Bԍɼɼqoɻԍʁƨ Wɑϝɼɑcĸ
Bԍɼɼqoɻԍʁƨ Wɑϝɼɑcĸ I just did that all in my head...

Is there something smart with me?