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Inside Corning's Gorilla Glass Factory - Vidozee

Inside Corning's Gorilla Glass Factory
CNBC — Published 5 months ago
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CNBC traveled to Harrodsburg, Kentucky to get a rare look inside Corning’s oldest glass factory where it makes Gorilla Glass for iPhones and a variety of other devices. The factory runs 24/7 and human hands never touch the glass — only air and robots. Take a look inside to see how it's made.

In the middle of bluegrass and bourbon country in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, is Corning's oldest glass factory. It was built...

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gokim moon
gokim moon Amazing! Good
Brett Shadduck
Brett Shadduck Lmao just throw sand in a furnace
Mr. God
Mr. God Glass is glass and glass breaks.
Jonathan Palmer
Jonathan Palmer Grammatical error - 7 stories should be 7 storeys