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Raab: We have Trump's support when it counts - Vidozee

Raab: We have Trump's support when it counts
Sky News — Published 1 year ago
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Minister of State for Housing and Planning Dominic Raab MP, explains to Sophy Ridge that the UK government has 'Trump's support when it counts'.

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laurejon The UK stands shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump and his policy to put huge tariffs on auto's that target Germany.
Jim Bo
Jim Bo Why wouldn't European countries want to be free? Global government which mandates refugee quotas, writes laws, regulations and taxe Europe to death is not your friend.
KEVIN HESKETH Jaguar Land rover moving car production to Slovakia.The Tories put millions on the dole in the 1980's.There going to do it again.The Tories don't care about ordinary people.Its no wonder they allow a szchophrenia weapon of torture to be used on a man against his will.Labour is no better,they allow it to happen too.They are the greatest evil ever to sit in Westminster.
Zom Bee Nature
Zom Bee Nature I can't stand listening to professional liars.
SoLiD CyPhEr
SoLiD CyPhEr I say one last time read my books...and blockade the influence of the US...they self destruct inside ... obviously your all affected destructively ....that is the core of someone's ability to lead....what they are...have done..