It's Time To Move On... - Vidozee

It's Time To Move On...
Dolan Twins — Published 2 weeks ago
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Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.


Thank you so much Shane -

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Ella Wilcox
Ella Wilcox Am I the only person who still doesn’t understand what’s happening?
helen yvonne e
helen yvonne e I need Shane to be my therapist.
Bubblegum Dragon
Bubblegum Dragon some people work 14 hour days every day and they cant post a 20 minute video once a week. trash.
Arowyn Mulhearn
Arowyn Mulhearn ethan and grayson remember this,we all love you and we forgive you and we all understand.At least half of us have lost someone and we all understand that you guys want to take a break.We love you💞💓💗💖💘💕💝
Emily Rose
Emily Rose I love you guys so much! I am endlessly thankful for you guys because you always make me laugh but also just because you are awesome. Please be genuine for yourselves be who you know you are, you are so amazing!!