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DUP lock horns with Theresa May over Brexit deal - Vidozee

DUP lock horns with Theresa May over Brexit deal
Channel 4 News — Published 8 months ago
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As cabinet ministers met the Prime Minister in Downing Street for a briefing on the Brexit negotiations this afternoon, all eyes were on the DUP - whose votes give the Government its majority in Parliament.

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Their leader, Arlene Foster, said the EU's proposed deal would give Northern Ire...

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Peter Cosgrove
Peter Cosgrove Considering that Northern Ireland voted remain, is it not incumbent on the so called "democratic" unionist party to fight to keep the six counties in Europe ?
mal scanlon
mal scanlon Haha the DUP have been sold out
Gavin Dickson
Gavin Dickson Sooo ters no answer to this question, finally we've got the dup to be quite but the shinners still have no voice
Randy Lahey
Randy Lahey No deal now. freedom now free trade with the rest of the world now freedom to control our borders now. Freedom to make our own laws now. No dodgy deals that don't let us leave. Viva la brexit
Ian Harding
Ian Harding The DUP are an utter disgrace. Bigots and bile filed nasty fools living in the past. They and their pathetic Orange men mates are a blight on Great Britain.