r/entitledparents - EP Rips Off My Swimsuit Strap ! (Reddit Entitled Parents) - Vidozee

r/entitledparents - EP Rips Off My Swimsuit Strap ! (Reddit Entitled Parents)
Mr. X — Published 6 months ago
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r/entitledparents - EP Rips Off My Swimsuit ! (Reddit Entitled Parents) #reddit #entitledparents #parents

Get your Karen Repellent here :

Today we have few parents from reddit posts here, that are a bit entitled. All fresh Top Posts from Reddit for you guys. Some people just don't get how to realize their entitlement. Maybe if they see themselves on r/entitledparents it ca...

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Tiffany the Turtle
Tiffany the Turtle I'm a turtle, we don't have entitled turtle parents.

Ps. No, you can't come live with me where there are no Karens. I don't have enough in my shell.
VORLDAMARE 666 I had depression

And I can say the only way to get rid of it is to have fun like me

Youtube , psvr and a gaming computer

I’m living the life and it got rid of my depression
SinisterRBX not my fucking fault your daughter is as flat as a six year old “ 😂 😂
Mirela Grubesic
Mirela Grubesic That girl who ripped her bra was a bish as$ lesbian. She's so gross and I hope she gets humiliated and dies in her 20s and the mom dies a horrible death
Emil Millas Ulriksen
Emil Millas Ulriksen fat ass hole EM;ED;AND EK LOL