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Former Scientology Exec Speaks Out - Vidozee

Former Scientology Exec Speaks Out
ABC News — Published 7 years ago
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Debbie Cook claims she was physically mistreated inside the church.

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Sheila meri
Sheila meri They should have people secretly recording all the harm that is going on so that they do have proof. The church denies everything!! I wonder who the publicists are at the church who deny these accusations. Don't they know what's going on??
Sheila meri
Sheila meri To me, the government should go after them to pay their taxes!!!!! They are not a religion anyway.
Sheila meri
Sheila meri If you check out David Miscavage's history in Scientology you will see that he worked closely with Ron L. Hubbard. Hubbard must have had good intentions to have had so many followers. But to have this kid, David Miscavage come out of no where and seize power was a huge mistake. He obviously is power hungry and cannot control his emotions. It always amazes me how people cannot see what is going on and how it is affecting others. And!!! They let it continue!!!!
Panthers Fan
Panthers Fan Cindy Brady is a Scientologist??
Sheila Walker
Sheila Walker Should like the mormans