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Who was to blame for the financial crisis? - BBC News - Vidozee

Who was to blame for the financial crisis? - BBC News
BBC News — Published 10 months ago
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BBC Business editor Simon Jack explores who could have been to blame for the global financial crisis.

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AlmightyMan01 it was the medias fault for spreading paranoia to the financial markets ie the bbc done it
Louis Friel
Louis Friel Who fault was it? A large proportion of the blame should have been placed on the Big 4 Accounting firms that throughout the whole shambolic debacle merrily signed of the accounts of the Banks as being Going Concerns, when they knew they were going to hit the skids.
被称为 Its. Bankers fault, for not cAlculate properly
Dzikrina Saira
Dzikrina Saira So BBC, what is the answer?? U just put on a clickbait title here....
imicca banks