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Exercise helps the brain: BBC News Review - Vidozee

Exercise helps the brain: BBC News Review
BBC Learning English — Published 2 years ago
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Your brain will work better if you take regular exercise, according to a study.


mentally quick and intelligent

keep (something) at bay
prevent (something) from happening

limited periods of time spent doing an activity

The story:
A study says moderate exercise several times a week is the best way for the over 50s to...

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BBC Learning English
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Saleeban Maxamed
Saleeban Maxamed It's good i live in somalia i run 2ooom i feel good
Thị Lưu Mận Trần
Thị Lưu Mận Trần I have been start learning English with TV program, so I keep the old methology at bay. But stints learning English in school give me a basical vocabulary and gramma.
dhara narsimha
dhara narsimha It is vry useful to me
Diplal Sah
Diplal Sah Good