Mindy Kaling tells Jake Tapper who her 2020 Democrat pick is - Vidozee

Mindy Kaling tells Jake Tapper who her 2020 Democrat pick is
CNN — Published 3 months ago
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During an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Mindy Kaling discusses highlighting diversity in her new film "Late Night," and reveals who is her top pick for president in the crowded 2020 Democratic field. #CNN #News

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Chani Atreides
Chani Atreides Ugh, shes supporting that idiot.
Jimmy Melonseed
Jimmy Melonseed Latest CNN clip with Andrew Yang has 300k views... this is 3 months old and has barely any... just like the rest of them
Gerardo Rodriguez
Gerardo Rodriguez You should hire someone based on their merit, and not on their race and gender anything else would lead to corruption and favoritism. They are trying to take basic things away from us like freedom of speech and meritocracy. It Is important to fight for these things while we still can. #Meritocracy
tiffany curtis
tiffany curtis SHE IS HARD ON THE EYES😫😫😫
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Let's get an actress/comedian who isn't successful in their own field and see what they think about politics. Oh yeah, make sure they still believe in a wage gap due to the oppressive patriarchy...

PS: In NA men work more hours and fill more dangerous rolls that deserve more pay. When Mindy wants to work on a oil rig or carry people from a burning building then go ahead. Please do. It will help the evil gap.

Women's soccer also earned $700 million, while mens soccer earned $4.4 billion during the last world cup. If women are making 40% of the salary that the men's team is then it's a fucking gift. Yet she wants to pay people based on feeling instead of productivity and capabilities.