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Let's Paint With String
JennaMarbles — Published 4 months ago
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Serenity Mercer
Serenity Mercer Jenna, your make up here is 🔥🔥🔥
Luisa Marleen Klerch
Luisa Marleen Klerch They should do the thing where you put a blob of ink on a paper and then blow at it through a straw
Marco Jade
Marco Jade
small boy
small boy you know an outlet for jenna's urges to "ruin" and "destroy" paintings could actually be good to let out, get some really cheap art supplies (acrylic paint, canvases, whatever) from the dollar store and just go ham. don't worry about breaking anything or ruining anything, just go in with no plan and do anything you want to it.
I know that doesn't sound like much but I just think it could be a healthy outlet if she really likes the feeling of making stuff and the "ruins" it be not stopping, so maybe you should just embrace that for just a little while with art to vent those feelings!

just redirect a lot of feelings of guilt into making more art, who said a painting has to be on an intact canvas? who said you can't add bits of scrap fabric or even other canvases to a painting? and who said that you can't paint of things that aren't a canvas, you can paint on anything (within reason, we don't want to permanently destroy property or a certain accident-prone dog's coat with paint).

by letting out a lot of the pent up feelings of needing to fuss with things and also the massive urge to keep playing with paint could be both really fun and also it might help as a good outlet for just going hog wild and making a mess (outside of course)!