How did NASA Steer the Saturn V?- Smarter Every Day 223 - Vidozee

How did NASA Steer the Saturn V?- Smarter Every Day 223
SmarterEveryDay — Published 4 months ago
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Behind the Scenes:

View Linus's video:


Functional Requirements for the Launch Vechile Digital Computer

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SmarterEveryDay I would like to point out several things:
1. Luke Talley is awesome.
2. Every single frame of this video requires more memory storage than this memory module is capable of handling. Think about that.
3. On the second channel we talk about things like how they took into account gyroscopic precession with this bad boy. They also crashed this into the moon and used the signal as a way to figure out what the inside of the moon is like. It's a good video, you should consider watching it. ( )
4. This is not the Apollo computer. This is the Saturn V computer. They're different. This steered the rocket.
5. People that support Smarter Every Day on Patreon are really cool and I like them a lot. ( )
Robbie Goldman
Robbie Goldman Linus, the heck are you doin here ?
just teme
just teme really fun and informative video thank you for making it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BLACKLIGHT This always be mind blowing to watch..
king james488
king james488 when debugging a computer literally meant picking bugs out of a cabinet the size of a car...