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Why The Future Of DC Movies May Blow You Away - Vidozee

Why The Future Of DC Movies May Blow You Away
Looper — Published 2 years ago
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The DC Extended Universe has been struggling t...

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Looper What DC graphic novels do you want to be see join the DCEU?
TheFerBoi 1
TheFerBoi 1 Marvel = movies

DC = videogames

DC = comics

DC = shows

DC = animation
Maksym Porokhnavets
Maksym Porokhnavets Dc need to focus on main chracters like super man, batman, wonder woman, aquaman, justice league over all. They're trying to expand their universe without good foundation. Thats a problem.
PS: they need to make solid cast which will stay in dc for years like marvel did with Robert Downey Jr🙌, Chris Evans, Samuel Jackson🙌 and others.
Nightwing 123
Nightwing 123 Where the f is CHRISTIAN BALE when u need him Ben Affleck is a joke
Super Collector
Super Collector DCEU could have been fantastic since the beginning if they weren't on such a hurry to beat Marvel and make Darkseid show up.