This New Minecraft 1.14 Block Is Garbage... - Vidozee

This New Minecraft 1.14 Block Is Garbage...
AntVenom — Published 9 months ago
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No really, the "Composter" block is a really bad addition to Minecraft...
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AntVenom Here's what I think. I think the compost bin giving bone-meal is fine. I don't think the "fill up rate" should be random. That much was explained in the video. But just making the bone-meal rate higher wouldn't fix much. How about making it so if a compost bin is in the middle of a farm, the crops around it grow faster, and mushrooms can grow in any light level in a radius surrounding it? That way, the bone-meal drop-rate isn't overpowered, and the block becomes legitimately useful.
Toon Boy
Toon Boy I vote composted dirt.
asfhere mfghtbrag gcgrthegCTcfk
asfhere mfghtbrag gcgrthegCTcfk Here for cauldron and composted... REDSTONE
Christian Abuel
Christian Abuel Atleast i can get rid of all my leaves i dont need
Ahren Dayal
Ahren Dayal There is a use it’s very useful in skyblock