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Power Play | Arshad Sharif | ARYNews | 9 January 2019 - Vidozee

Power Play | Arshad Sharif   | ARYNews | 9 January 2019
ARY News — Published 6 months ago
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(Current Affairs)

Guests: Shafqat Mahmood PTI,Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan PMLN,Dr Farrukh Saleem (Economist,Columns)

What is solution for excessive pay to idps?

Oposition is not happy with Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan, Says Malik Ahmed

The minister realized the mistake on which he was sorry, Says Shafqat Mahmood

Why Pakistan Economy is in trouble ?

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Salim Vakil
Salim Vakil Faruk saleem you were part of the pit finance team from it inception of the govt now as you are out of it for reasons best known to you and to so you too are also responsible for what ever was done. So just try to discrefit the pit you were the specialist in the team. You are all the more responsible. For the problem at one stretch you say that the money barrowred to cover the mistakes and blender of pmln. Then how come you blame pti we all respect you for your credentials please don't spoil your reputation for nothing. One thing is sure I ran will come out if this puddle in she Allah and then you all will be praising him so don't put in yourself in that camp wherein you will have internal and external repentance
Shawn Ali
Shawn Ali AOA Arshad sahib,

Please request your guest Salim sahib to come back on your show and make some suggestions for these issues. Thank you
Muhammad Ashraf
Muhammad Ashraf Kia yih media ka chaploosi ban jain. Media walay log koi barri cheez nahain.Media bhi kafi takabber saiy guftu kartay hain.
Syed Shah
Syed Shah Sorry to ear that you got sick due to mental illness marium you need important pampers through modi from India that is best for you mental n other affection
Mohummad Yamin
Mohummad Yamin Its not the ministers/officials only who do not have the courage to face constructive and objective observations. Basic education is a dire need of entire Nation. We will not learn/desire to talk decent and polite, without being EDUCATED.