What Really Happened to Jeffrey Epstein? | Joe Rogan and Tom Papa - Vidozee

What Really Happened to Jeffrey Epstein? | Joe Rogan and Tom Papa
JRE Clips — Published 4 months ago
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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1333 w/Tom Papa:

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mytuber81 Some might say Epstein really put his neck on the line for this.
1xoACEox1 That guy was transferred out though. Im imagining the assassins planning their hit "Yeah its cool we'll go in there, unplug the cameras, the guards are already paid off, easy job. What's that? He's got a cellmate? Probably some tech nerd in there for leaking celebrity nudes get a picture of him up......0.0.....Yeah get him moved to another cell.
hu sa
hu sa You already knows what happens to sex offenders in the pinta
Darren Wandy
Darren Wandy Brian Adam's is still going strong Joe...
Matthew Bottorf
Matthew Bottorf I don't believe Epstein had a Celly either because he was in PC and they don't have Celli's in a federal prison like that. Especially when you are on suicide watch and then taken off suicide watch you are still in a single prison cell. And yes I've done time and yes people try to kill themselves in jail. It happened when I was there and they locked down the whole prison for hours