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You Know Their Voices, Now See Their Faces
Great Big Story — Published 4 months ago
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You wouldn’t recognize any of these people if they walked by you on the street, but you might know their voices if they slipped into character. In this reel, we’re bringing you face to face with a who’s who of top talent in the world of voice acting. Prepare to meet the artists behind the likes of Raven from Teen Titans Go!, the Rugrats’ Dil, Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls, Batgirl, Winnie the Pooh—Tigger, too!—a...

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Oof Hoe
Oof Hoe Ok boomer
BiLLY LopezMbxGamingChannel
BiLLY LopezMbxGamingChannel Wow SuperMario Is 38 Years Old Its About To Be 39
Mr. Ant
Mr. Ant I just want a video game voice actor walk into a store and ask for a toy of their character in their character voice.
Glitchtrap Night
Glitchtrap Night You awesome old man, don’t you ever die