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Former maid to Adolf Hitler interview - Vidozee

Former maid to Adolf Hitler interview
כאן — Published 3 years ago
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כאן | Elizabeth Kalhammer is now a 92 year old woman. yet she has a secret story in her past. She used to work at Hitler's private estate from 1943 to 1945

KAN | Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reporter - Antonia Yamin interviewed the Former maid to Adolf Hitler - on her life at his private estate

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守lower Tho I liked this docu, no complaints, I cringed at the usual stale ''Wir haben es nicht gewusst''
geetha kannan
geetha kannan I will never work for Hitler
SahMai Stupid woman she should have poisoned his food!
DJFear Ross
DJFear Ross It's so frustrating when people take things out of their historical context. This lady was young, mobiles didn't exist then, nor blogs or the internet. The world wasn't connected the way it is now, not just by technology but by roads, trains, airplanes etc If your dad told you the people who lived 300 miles aways have two heads, you'd probably believe him. This lady done nothing wrong, damn she was just a maid. If she says she didn't know what was happening in the concentration camp, it could be true. Even if she did, what did you expect her to do? She was growing up and learning to survive as an adult, we do that by looking at what adults do and do the same. The real guilty people are long gone by now.... we should be questioning how that was allowed to happen, not looking to blame each and every person living there with 'guilt by association'.
sortedtales How the fuck did this find its way into my feed? Hmm?