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Cooper: Trump doesn't know how NATO works - Vidozee

Cooper: Trump doesn't know how NATO works
CNN — Published 1 year ago
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CNN's Anderson Cooper says that President Trump's attacks on NATO are predictable, but not based in fact.

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Bill Fotsch
Bill Fotsch Anderson Cooper is another reason CNN ratings are declining. Suggesting our president is wrong on two points, Germany is not paying enough for funding defenses and Germany has made a strategic mistake in committing to Russia for the majority of its energy. Both obviously true and Cooper both biased and obviously false. Just another reason most are no longer watching CNN. Sad, given CNN's heritage.
AngryAmbulance Driver
AngryAmbulance Driver It wouldn’t surprise me that This clown is prepping the US for bid, I mean really a real estate con man like him? This would be the biggest property sale of his life! He’s destroying strong relationships with allies, being careful what he says about Russia and NK leaders, bringing family to major world meetings on taxpayers dime. Sorry but his family members are as useful as t•ts on a bull.
Allen Boniface
Allen Boniface NATOOOOOO
Paslayas No one at the table is comfortable, polite, stiff smiles. They're in their own hell.
Roberto Beltran
Roberto Beltran Trump is working for his MOTHER RUSSIA