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Why College Is So Expensive In America - Vidozee

Why College Is So Expensive In America
CNBC — Published 5 months ago
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College in the United States is expensive. The cost of higher education just keeps going up. Tuition costs at both public and private universities have doubled since the late 80s, while accounting for inflation.

"I think that it's so ingrained in your head that you have to go to college, that college is the next step after graduation," said Jarret Freeman, a college graduate with roughly $50,000 in student debt. "...

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CNBC Tell us your student loan story:
The Last
The Last An American citizen pays about 1/3 of actual tuition costs. That was the plan. Our politicians state and federal have slowly cut the amount they pay hence increasing the students load. Look at which members in said political leaves have done this. Liberals! Do a little research! Bahhhhh! SHEEP!
Azay Deelay
Azay Deelay It's expensive because of greed. I am an AMERICAN and live in Europe. Here everyone has access to FREE education and EUROPE is not anymore richer nor poorer than the USA. GERMANY has education which is FREE for everyone. You could be from any country in the world and move to Germany and go to school for FREE. Shame on the United States of America. And no...we are not the greatest nation in the world. Not when you cannot give an education to your masses.
Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Gonzalez Study in Puerto Rico, it's cheap!
Victor Popov
Victor Popov You think thats bad ? Here in germany they make you pay 12$ for parking for half year in my college, they think we are millionaires.
Unless you have a bike or you go on foot you wont be able to survive in here.