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The stranger at my brother's grave (FULL DOCUMENTARY) BBC Stories - Vidozee

The stranger at my brother's grave (FULL DOCUMENTARY) BBC Stories
BBC Stories — Published 2 years ago
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In a pretty Cotswold village, a mystery has been puzzling residents for decades. Following the death of local Boy Scout Karl Smith in 1947, mysterious gifts and messages began appearing on his grave in Prestbury. Despite his sister Ann Kear's best efforts, the identity of the visitor has never been revealed.
Journalist Camila Ruz joins Ann on her quest to track down the stranger who has been visiting her brother's grav...

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BBC Stories
BBC Stories Amazing comments keep coming in, thank you all! Just a note for those wondering why no CCTV camera was set up - if you head to 08:56 in the video Ann explains why this was not done.
Agustin DeJesus
Agustin DeJesus Did she ever posted guard at the grave. I think it will have been easier to sit by or close to the grave and see who came to visit.
Deanna McDaniel
Deanna McDaniel Hopefully those 2 got together they are so cute
6yjjk So we visit an expert in poetry about grief and loss to learn that the person leaving the notes obviously knew he drowned. Given that they're leaving them at his gravestone, which says that he drowned, they'd have to be pretty thick not to know that.
Rob Golding
Rob Golding The song in French by Gilbert Becaud tells of the feelings of a young lad who lost his best friend. It has much to do with the feelings of Ron. If you do not understand French do your best to find somebody to translate it for you.