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Andrew Yang | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Real Time with Bill Maher — Published 4 months ago
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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang joins Bill to discuss his vision for America.

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Commando Master
Commando Master People will become lazier with a free $1000 a month. There's no motivation to get things done or work harder if you have guaranteed free money coming in. AI and technology evolving only makes things easier for people so they can essentially do nothing. That is where things will be heading in the future.
may goya
may goya What if👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
JM Alvarez
JM Alvarez I’m an independent voter. I will cast my vote to Trump ONLY if Andrew Yang is not the Democratic nominee for 2020.
Andrew is the only candidate that makes sense. He’s smart, honest, funny and has the ability to answer any questions without being defensive. He makes sense.
Bat Man
Bat Man Andrew Yang is very clever he said recently that he won't stop the asian jokes despite some asian americans being offended by it. But I think he has a long term game plan, think about it, Trump will come at him with that school bully mentality if its just those two. He's gonna have a tough time name calling and trying to demean a guy who shows it has zero effect, who doesn't take himself that seriously, who can turn it on it's head, it would just make Trump look bad.
menelvamovie Americans can give back and help the homeless, mentally challenged, people living in their cars or in shelters, addicts, alcoholics, and those who have given up. There is plenty to do, even if you get $1k a month. By the way, no one can live on that alone but it could stop the growing population of homeless working people.
He has a law degree too, I think. That is almost essential now to protect yourself and have an understanding of the rule of law thus possibly have good character too.
I'm in. Finally someone who has a REAL solution for a starter way now and fix other problems too BEFORE winning. Voters don't want to find out later, they've been conned by a swamp slug and watch democracy, truth, journalism, the rule of law, compassion, arms of government, and human decency crumble at lightening speeds in three years.