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Andrew Yang | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - Vidozee

Andrew Yang | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Real Time with Bill Maher — Published 2 weeks ago
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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang joins Bill to discuss his vision for America.

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BoKnowsBrains bill maher doesnt know how easily his cheap quips can be quantised and mapped out by AI. like a disease automation is going to jump from people who build and deliver shit, to "creatives". they dont want to admit it or see it. Yang sees how fast humans in their entirety can be "obsoleted"by AI. the future is not a T-800 crushing a human skull. its google deepmind creating a viral video of keanu reeves saving humanity. a video that fortnite characters react to and you watch while a self driving car does the job you used to do. humans believe every shit they drop is so special. everything we do can be and is recored, reported, and mapped. humanity is predicable as fuck. "people need a reason to get up in the morning" is the biggest lie. an Atheist does not need a god and soon A.I. will not need us.
Skyslimit86 I voted Trump but honestly if yang was on the ballot, i'd give him a shot.
Jason Phillips Jr
Jason Phillips Jr As a Trump supporter, this is one of the few guys on the Democratic ticket that I have a lot of respect for. HE's actually got a brain and hasn't subscribed to this Marxism nonsense that mainstream leftists are pushing
yiteng jiangyiteng
yiteng jiangyiteng Before watching this video, Andrew Yang in my mind is a crazy guy who wants to give me 1000 dollars a month, but after watching this. Oh man, this guy is going some place! Brilliant ideas, wonderful personality, and I kept watching a lot of his videos, and frankly he nailed all of the interviews well, no matter how tough the questions and how mean the interviewers are . He is the solution to US's current crisis, and be honest, he is the ONE.
The Broke Broker
The Broke Broker DONATE TO HIS CAMPAIGN PLZZZ THE LEAST U CAN DO IS 5$ for a future 12,000 per year that’s a good investment let’s go ppl YANG GANG 2020