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Trump falsely claims nearly 3,000 Americans in Puerto Rico 'did not die' - Vidozee

Trump falsely claims nearly 3,000 Americans in Puerto Rico 'did not die'
CNN — Published 10 months ago
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Nearly 3,000 people died in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. President Donald Trump denied this reality as a hurricane barrels toward the Carolinas.

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Giraffeman Lol CNN
Jouseph Custodio
Jouseph Custodio Fake you think this is fake president i been there Puerto Rico and i survive saw people they died in the hurricane Maria there many death men woman including children these are real
Kenny H
Kenny H (What happened with Puerto Rico)

This is all deceptive politics! Millions in aid were sent to Puerto Rico
in food and supplies and most of which never got to the people in need!
Why? Not because of Trump! but because of the corrupt government of
Puerto Rico! look it up morons!

Most of the food were found rotting in dumpsters and supplies never were
distributed!The very same thing happened in Africa many years ago where
the donated food supplies were found being sold in the markets!Seems people
just like you who run the show in Puerto Rico are so hateful, dishonest
and evil and wanted Trump to look so bad they withheld the aid and supplies
and food from their own people!

You all speak out of ignorance and hate and disregard the facts but then
that is what you do so well! God does NOT condone your deception and lies
nor your ignorance! The bible clearly states all liars and deceiver shall
be judged and found unacceptable for receiving God's gift of eternal life
and rightfully so You shall all get exactly what you deserve in the end! (What happened with Puerto Rico)
Wassup 3000 Americans die and because it makes Trump look bad he denies that their dead.
We have our problems with politicians in Australia but you guys have it much much worse.
snack biscut
snack biscut "in the 11 months following the storm"
Gonna be honest, that doesn't sound like a death toll from a storm. I don't follow politics that much but it really seems like trump could cure cancer and people would find something wrong with it.
All he said is that the government did as well as they could combating the storm, the rest of the deaths are the responsibility of the puerto rican government for failing to restore power in 11 fucking months.

But it's trumps fault