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World's Most Dangerous Cities: Port Moresby (PNG) BBC Stories - Vidozee

World's Most Dangerous Cities: Port Moresby (PNG) BBC Stories
BBC Stories — Published 9 months ago
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Papua New Guinea has been described as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women. Some estimates say that 70% of women in PNG will be raped in their lifetime.
Ben Zand travels to the capital Port Moresby to meet the men who believe violence against women is acceptable - and those women who say enough is enough.

Presented and series produced by Ben Zand
Filmed and produced by Alex...

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Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 'God left this Earth many years ago'.
maisey1852 You can’t make this shit up. The man in the red said he ‘only punched her once’ and then his dad defends him. That’s the most outrageous thing I’ve ever heard. I can’t help thinking this was what it was before the turn of the century where this extreme sexist, old type of thinking existed. But I’ve come to realise that although women have rights in the west there’s still this attitude that women are subservient or targets. Why is it so dangerous for women to survive in some places more than others? Women are human beings ...even their pigs get better treatment than women. Don’t people realise how amazing women are ...the sex that birthed everyone of those men. I hope things will change. We are in the modern world now.
maisey1852 This is really hard to watch. Absolutely disgusted. That grandma - I want to hug her. The dude at the end 🔪. I’m so mad rn. Good job that the presenter called out that pedophile. That poor kid.
PejuangNusantara I think the thinking ways of the man in that country should be change. It is not a bunch, it is their society it self. If there aren’t’ any woman there, they will rape man too
Richmond Kharkongor
Richmond Kharkongor That bloke doing the interview/research/hosting as well as the camera man has terrific guts (Bear Grylls of Unknown Gangsters) #Respect.