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Pixel 3a Review - I've Changed My Mind! | The Tech Chap - Vidozee

Pixel 3a Review - I've Changed My Mind! | The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap — Published 2 months ago
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The Google Pixel 3a & 3a XL start from ยฃ400/$400 and offer the same AMAZING camera as the full price Pixel 3. With stock Android 9, the latest updates & a great camera - I've changed my mind on buying a Google Pixel!

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M R Ugh - just got one as an upgrade to my plan and really not keen. Bigger than I expected. Phones should be smaller than pockets.
Bertrand Barraud
Bertrand Barraud I bought the smaller version of the Pixel 3a, just lost my Nexus 5x and felt like time for an upgrade. Can't wait to see how it goes! The only thing that worries me in the battery, I used to get up to 3 days with my Nexus 5x.
h h
h h Leaning toward 3a
ADMIRALSNACKBAR But everyone says the screen cracks extremely easy
ๆ‹‰้บต ้›žๆฏ›
ๆ‹‰้บต ้›žๆฏ› Hello, Could you mind to tell me how to get the wallpaper? Thank you!