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Tanushree Dutta Hides Face In Burqa, Files FIR Against Nana Patekar - Vidozee

Tanushree Dutta Hides Face In Burqa, Files FIR Against Nana Patekar
Bollywood Now — Published 8 months ago
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Tanushree Dutta arrives at Oshiwara Police station unidentified as she files FIR against Nana Patekar, three others in Mumbai.

Reporter: Abhishek Halder
Editor: Kamlesh Kandpal

#TanushreeDutta #NanaPatekar
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Abdul First of all burqa came into existence only to protect their women by specificallly muslim men.This came in cause muslim men where very dominative,harsh,no freedom for women is given till day.....muslim men are very insecure when it comes to muslim women.....but most muslim men & ,boys you will find them in streets starring other religion... women...remember anything about burqa or muslim men leaving a big beard all this are man made is fact...they will never accept...if you tel them the truth they will say you are not muslim.. Some say burqa talks about modesty....all these are bullshit....reasons...regarding tanushree she weared burqa does not mean she is scared of someone.....she is not a muslim women to sit at home and cry even after getting tripple talak...or halllal
PRANJIT SAHARIA Tanushree lied by saying that she got so scared after that incident that she left the industry.....infect she continued working for next 15 months and completed 4 more films like apartment and others.....afterwards she was jobless because of her unprofessional behaviour....all her allegations are based on assumption....she didn't like the way Nanaji looked at her....Nanaji didn't say hello to her...Nanaji must have changed the dance step cus she saw him talking to the director and the choreographer....nanaji must have called the mns cus he was one of the members of that party......these are all assumptions....reality could be different from what she thinks....therefore wait for the investigation to take place before taking any side.
Amit Kumar tor for
Amit Kumar tor for Nana patkr is very good actor
Sujata Kambli
Sujata Kambli zhooti no.1
Rajesh patil
Rajesh patil Pahale muh kala kiya America jake aur yaha muh chhupa rahi aur jhut bolkar come back karna chahati hai big boss k jariye usake liye drama hai sali ka