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Don't Buy the Razer Phone 2 in 2019!
TechFocus — Published 3 months ago
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Damien Wilde
Damien Wilde Razer Phone 2 more like Razer Phone 1 aimrite
rerecros I bought this phone back in June and it worked fine, battery lasted all day and night, I could play games for hours and use it for work without issues besides the fact that the speakers already had a rattle noise when I turned it up around 75%. Now it glitches everyday, battery dies quick and now I can't use the Chroma lights like before and have to use only 60hz. Lately I've been having to restart it just to get it to work. Anyone else have problems with theirs after just some months?
Tommy Hills
Tommy Hills i agree, the hardware is great, but the software is what killed it. I just bought the razer phone 2 and used it for a day, but so many software glitches. the touchscreen has problem when i'm using it while charged, the android security patch is updated only until September (it's now December). So I agree, I'm going to return the phone. It's too much to compromise, but the form factor, the 120hz refresh rate, and the coolness of the RGB logo in the back are just so awesome. I also love how wide the phone is, it feels great on the hand. But it's too bad, even at a discount, I think I couldn't handle so many compromises, really poor battery life (100% -> 25% with 2.75hrs screen on time), touchscreen glitch when charging, can't use my wireless charger, just too many problems. I've just placed an order on the Note 10+. I'm a HUGE Razer fan. I hope Razer will continue to improve on their phones with their next phone.
Last_Task_ I'm tempted to get it since ebay in that states it's like 200-250 bucks.
Joshalots who the fuck uses their phone for photography?