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9 quick tips for BETTER BLACK & WHITE photos
Jamie Windsor — Published 2 years ago
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These days, colour is the default from the casual smartphone shooter to the professional photographer with the high-spec DSLR. Black and white has become a filter, an afterthought, a way of 'rescuing' problematic shots.

But black and white is more than an editing technique, it's a completely different way of working. A completely different photographic language.

Making the conscious choice to create ...

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CPTMorningWood Can't wait to watch this channel blow up! Keep up the good work man
Mary D
Mary D What a fabulous tutorial. You are so incredibly well-spoken that I was mesmerized listening to you. Your tips are excellent and I can't wait to hear more of what you know. Thank you!
Charles F. Roland
Charles F. Roland @ 1:40. Too Cute !!!
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega Tip Nr. 10: Turn your camera monitor to B&W. Makes the balance of dark and light areas better visible and thus helps with composition.
Lawrie Excellent vlog with lots of really useful information. Thanks for the inspirational content. And yes, I've subscribed!