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Check out this video and you will find funny scenes about most common human fears. Being afraid of the dark is one of the most common kid’s and adults’ fears. Most of us fear dark but usually, it’s a fear of something that could be in the shadows or under the bed. One more phobia that is very common is the fear of spiders. Remember that most only a tiny percent of spiders is poisonous. Have you ever thought that you had left the iron on? And you are pretty sure that you turned it off, but you have a frightening feeling.
The next compilation of funny scenes is about cell phones! We are obsessed with our phones and usually, it leads to confusing and even embarrassing moments. Have you ever dropped your phone in the toilet? Sounds scary! Everyone has a friend that loves to make a photo session of what they eat in the restaurant. It’s an annoying situation especially if you are very hungry. One more annoying situation is when you find out that the battery is low and you don’t have a power bank with you. Panic!
Check out the difference between girls and boys in our video. You will find out why girls spend so much time in the restroom. Girls have a lot of clothes and all the wardrobes at home are full of their clothes. And boys usually have a couple of t-shirts and a pair of pants. But living with a boyfriend have some surprises… socks are everywhere! How many pairs do you have? A hundred or a thousand?
As a bonus, you will find a compilation of scenes about the difference between the first month of relationships and a year.
Share funny relationships moments you have!

00:09 Common fears
03:29 Awkward phone moments
04:30 First date vs. long-term relationships
08:50 Living together: boys vs. girls
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