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New iPhone Xs DROP Test!! - I was wrong... - Vidozee

New iPhone Xs DROP Test!!  -  I was wrong...
JerryRigEverything — Published 10 months ago
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Lets Drop Test the New iPhone Xs. HUGE Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring this video! Click here to start using LastPass now:
Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone X and iPhone 8 with 'the most durable glass ever on a smartphone' ive been pretty skeptical. Especially after last years drop test when the phones broke after falling just a few feet. Has Apple changed anything with the new iPhone Xs? Is ...

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ItzBrooksFTW i would like if he threw them with 100% strength to the ground
Jacob oh my fuck i have youtube premium yet i still have to deal with ads in the video
GrayWolf To make it more accurate you need to try to catch it mid fall but end up launching it across the room
Isqandar Faizal
Isqandar Faizal ohmy😭
Ljiljana Matic
Ljiljana Matic Well, I dropped my iPhone only the one time and the display is a crack...