New iPhone Xs DROP Test!! - I was wrong... - Vidozee

New iPhone Xs DROP Test!!  -  I was wrong...
JerryRigEverything — Published 1 year ago
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Lets Drop Test the New iPhone Xs. HUGE Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring this video! Click here to start using LastPass now:
Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone X and iPhone 8 with 'the most durable glass ever on a smartphone' ive been pretty skeptical. Especially after last years drop test when the phones broke after falling just a few feet. Has Apple changed anything with the new iPhone Xs? Is ...

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Bibbs Always use protection
Sam Butterworth
Sam Butterworth Someone who won this phone probably watched this video on that phone
Andrew Salazar
Andrew Salazar In my class someone’s iPhone XS Max slipped from his pocket while sitting and it broke both the back and the screen
He said it was just the third day he had it
So I’ll show him this video hehehe
Deatroe38 hurts my soul
Dasher Gaming
Dasher Gaming If jerry can't break it, then you know its one durable phone.