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Overpopulation: Will we run out of space? BBC News - Vidozee

Overpopulation: Will we run out of space? BBC News
BBC News — Published 4 years ago
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We live in a time of unprecedented population growth. People born 60 years ago have seen the population of the world triple. In the UK, in the past 100 years, the population has grown by over 20 million. But why is our population growing? What are the consequences if it doesn't stop? And is population growth necessarily a bad thing? Our reporter Benjamin Zand has been finding out.

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Carson Matthews
Carson Matthews The day man re-created the power of the sun in 1953 on some little islands in the south pacific (hydrogen bomb) and apparently now we can clone life or at least human cells we have the power of God's but yet the wisdom, suprised we've lasted this long to be honest
Carson Matthews
Carson Matthews Run out of space, shit we'll do ourselves in before that happens one way or another
globe255 The first thing there is to do is, to make sure that most people all over the world, will be able to read and write, then throw lots of info out there why it is important only to have 1 child per family, but before we can come to that point, the population of the world will reach 10 billion people.
Paddy234 Over population is a myth pushed by the few who want to put forward a new eugenics society of complete population control. As the population increases productivity is increasing several times with it which is why we have made such technological advance in such a short space of time. Nations with the biggest populations certainly have nowhere near food shortages and I think those that see a problem with population need to look in their own hearts. If you shrink the population say goodbye to your pension because there will be noone to pay for it. This problem is occuring in Japan today forcing many elderly people to continue working as their pension has dwindled
vickki 22
vickki 22 lets kill half of them
without hesitation.