BBC helps bust Nepal chimp smuggling - BBC News - Vidozee

BBC helps bust Nepal chimp smuggling - BBC News
BBC News — Published 11 months ago
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A BBC investigation exposing the scale of chimpanzee trafficking last year has helped police in Nepal uncover a smuggling operation.
Even to a hardened detective the discovery was shocking: two baby chimpanzees, exhausted, hungry, and sucking their thumbs.
The animals had been captured in the wild in Nigeria and then flown thousands of miles to Nepal.

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bhunep neppoho
bhunep neppoho Wtf the bbc help to rescue what a joke
Brandon Steffensen
Brandon Steffensen Animals should be in the wild not behind bars
Kyle Chang
Kyle Chang LMFAO!
Mike2014 GREED = Caught! GREED = You UGLY Greedy stupid idiots! DON'T BE GREEDY. I love watching GREEDY people get CAUGHT!
Sarkar Thapa
Sarkar Thapa Well done Nepal Police Force .