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Top 5 IMPOSSIBLE Projects People STILL Threw Fortunes At! -

While there are some amazing and brilliant invention concepts in the world, not all of them are entirely feasible. In this video I’ll take a look at five examples of projects that were doomed to fail from the start, due to simply being impossible.
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BeAmazed at... Fontus– the $300,000Self-Filling Water Bottle - In theory the concept behind the Fontus water bottle had remarkable real-world applications: utilizing the properties of Latent Heat Vaporization, it was marketed as being able to produce water simply by being exposed to air and light, effectively making it what is commonly known as a Peltier device. Triton Artificial Gill - Another really great idea with a lot of promise, the Triton Artificial Gill was maybe too good to be true – advertised as a small mobile breathing apparatus it would have been the next evolution of scuba diving equipment, allowing divers to ‘breath underwater’ for upwards of 45 minutes up to a maximum depth of 15 feet. TALOS Iron Man Suit - If you’re going to waste taxpayer dollars, you have to at least hand it to the Department of Defense for being ambitious. Laser Razor - Hearing about any product with the word ‘Laser’ in it generally elicits a mixture of suspicion and nerdy excitement, and that was certainly the case for a start-up company called Skarp who began advertising a next-gen razor. Waterseer - Another device with great potential and an innovative approach to new technology, theWaterseer- like the Fontus – was inspired as a way to help alleviate water shortages. For only $134, the alien looking device featured a long metal cylinder that was planted 6 feet in the soil, where a condensation chamber at the end would collect water.


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