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Nick Ferrari's 'politically correct' fairy tale - Vidozee

Nick Ferrari's 'politically correct' fairy tale
Sky News — Published 9 months ago
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After Keira Knightley said she doesn't let her daughter watch certain Disney movies as they don't promote feminism, Nick re-imagines some of you favourite fairytales for the PC-era.

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Super Sheepy
Super Sheepy They forget that guy kissed the women who he thought was DEAD not asleep, so it was a kiss goodbye
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis 'more than 50% are likely to be male'.

Am I hearing that right? I guess a perfect 50/50 would be ideal but I don't see the cause for alarm.
Diced Pineapple
Diced Pineapple How are people offended by FAIRYTALES??? Ludicrous.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith PC,,,, ALL,,,, Total,,,, Bolaks,,,
nick shires
nick shires Michelle is a babe! Beauty, intelligence and common sense!