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Irish Deputy PM underlines importance of Brexit deal - Vidozee

Irish Deputy PM underlines importance of Brexit deal
Sky News — Published 9 months ago
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The deputy prime minister of Ireland, Simon Coveney, tells Sophy Ridge on Sunday that finalising a Brexit deal will be a 'bumpy ride'.

He said: "I believe it can be done and will be done because the consequences of not doing a deal is really very negative for everybody."

Watch the full interview here.

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Thomas Feerick
Thomas Feerick he shud b taoiseach
martin manifold
martin manifold No deal and ROI is fucked ....
Alan Hogan
Alan Hogan This guy is a Traitor, an EU Shill, and a disgrace .
geobell59 we should have vetoed handed over billions to Ireland when they came poncing for billions when they went bankrupt
Big Boots
Big Boots The UK should stop buying irish food then we will see how the Irish will give in to UK demands. Buy UK food boycott Irish beef and dairy goods