Why are Apple’s chips faster than Qualcomm’s? – Gary explains - Vidozee

Why are Apple’s chips faster than Qualcomm’s? – Gary explains
Android Authority — Published 2 years ago
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Read the full post: | The benchmark scores for the new Apple A11 Bionic SoC are very impressive. But why is Apple so far ahead of the competition?

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What is cache memory? - Gary explains:

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Gary Sims
Gary Sims Hi everyone. I hope you liked the video. I will be around for a couple of hours monitoring the comments, so if you have any questions please ask and I will try to help.
X11KYX Honestly best comic book film I’ve seen ever
Avigazed Thanks.
Question: What aspect of the devices' performance benefits from a high multiscore?
surya kanth
surya kanth It’s 2019 but I’m still on A10 fusion 😂😂
Freeze Fun
Freeze Fun Basically, if you want to have the best smartphone, you'll need Android software, but it runs on Apple hardware.