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4 Stories About Brilliant Professors
Great Big Story — Published 4 weeks ago
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Welcome to Professors 101. Let’s go over the syllabus. You’re going to meet teachers at institutions of higher learning in this academic reel, and they’ve all got some curious interests. One invented the Rubik’s cube, others are hoarding chalk, others are spicing up your meals with sound.


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Sandeep Gupta
Sandeep Gupta 6:25 "the value is in using it up, not hoarding it" - it applies to not just this chalk but also to knowledge.
Eric Ky
Eric Ky That Sonic Seasoning story from 6:49 sounds like someone got synesthesia between sounds and taste
Photo_Books_Travel me
Photo_Books_Travel me But Walter Lewin is God , right .
Traore Sekou
Traore Sekou Mathematician used the Hagoromo chalk to crack the problem of the rubik's cube.
val they should recycle plastic and make Rubiks cubes lmao