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How Nasa is trying to 'touch' the Sun - BBC News - Vidozee

How Nasa is trying to 'touch' the Sun - BBC News
BBC News — Published 11 months ago
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Nasa is all set to launch one of the most ambitious missions in its history.
It's sending a satellite called the Parker Solar Probe into the Sun's outer atmosphere, or corona.
Scheduled for launch on Saturday, the spacecraft promises to crack some longstanding mysteries about our star's behaviour.

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• Mz Filmz •
• Mz Filmz • wth? lava in our earth cAn u touch ? but imagine sun ?
edu cation
edu cation I can guess actually America freezes during winter, they tried to create something like global warming to make foster the heat of their part, they never think about humanity they only think about America, they can burn the entire earthians to mske their part of earth a bit warm, may be they will try to make an artificial sun same as in the sky, once they will understand the whole phenomena, whats going on in the sun and how it works.
Swamy Gouda
Swamy Gouda The sun is A God no one can touch and no one can reach the sun!!! ( Om namha shivaya)....
SkyBlue 1988
SkyBlue 1988 Fake news
Cloud nine
Cloud nine Nice :)