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India: The former child worker who wants a fair wage - BBC News - Vidozee

India: The former child worker who wants a fair wage - BBC News
BBC News — Published 2 months ago
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Theiyvanai started working in the textile industry in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu when she was still a child. Now old enough to vote for the first time, she is urging politicians to guarantee proper wages for such jobs.

Video by Pramila Krishnan and Piyush Nagpal, BBC Tamil

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Deva Remo
Deva Remo This news channel always targeting India and Indians. I've been watching this channel, they always focuing on the fake datas and defame India as a bad one. But the Saddest part is people also believing them. Only a few time they show some valid data. How cheap is this? Prostitute channel.
lilbeserk Welcome to the new world of Liberal Economics. No one cares who made the product.
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish #panodrama
Velcro Crab
Velcro Crab Its so sad that many, many people around the world have to work under standards we would riot about in our countries to receive what's basically peasant pay.
I hope she, and the many other people suffering similarly can find happiness in their lives.
let's sparkle Hi foreigners it's my humble request to you all to go some other channel or sites to watch our incredible India its beauty show. This is not right channel to watch about India..