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ANGRY AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL "EVA015 Heavy what are you doing?!" - Vidozee

Skies Clear — Published 2 years ago
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On December 16th, 2016 an EVA Air 777 flying from Los Angeles to Taipei had a hard time following instructions from SoCal Departure.

The crew of the EVA flight were given nonstandard instructions such as "turn southbound" which probably confused them. The controller also didn't initially tell them whether to turn left or right. So the EVA flight stayed on a northbound heading despite SoCal Departure telling them t...

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Skies Clear
Skies Clear I’ve been getting a lot of disgusting and racist/ sexist comments on this video lately. Any and all comments of these types will be removed.

Stop being horrible human beings. This controller was not doing well but she is a human being with a family and feelings. How would you feel if people were making these remarks towards you?
JustASlag Guess you can't ask for a simple heading without being treated incompetently and told a cardinal direction?
radarcontact I'm a recently retired en route and TRACON controller....I do agree her phraseology wasn't that great, a lot of 'southbound-northbound' corrections which confused the pilots, but if you listen carefully to the initial heading assignment, it sounds like she issued a 180° heading, and the pilot read back a 120° heading. Probably where everything went downhill. Despite using as plain English as I could w/foreign carriers, there were always pilots that just couldn't do anything right. Blame to go all around on this one.
Jason Bean
Jason Bean EVA015 Heavy hang a right at the 7/11!!!
Kaykay Masson
Kaykay Masson Would hate to be the dept that had to fire her. Black, female Californian..... real hot pile of shit.

Could have grinder the entire airport to a halt off CNN or Ellen Degenerate picker this story up. “Obviously fired her for being a woman and being black”.