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Kay meets... Germaine Greer - Vidozee

Kay meets... Germaine Greer
Sky News — Published 1 year ago
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Germaine Greer talks to Kay Burley about why she's opposed to the #MeToo movement, and life beyond the menopause.

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Erik Tiedgen
Erik Tiedgen I am truly confused of what she really means.
w0bbl3r Real feminist. Not these screaming banshees we have today.
Realising that equality in everything is not only against womens nature, but is just silly all round.
Realising that men who think they are women (and women who think they are men) are not biological women.
Realising that women who consent to something, and then take money to keep quiet about it, are not real victims, but cause future women (people) to become victims thanks to their greed taking over their conscience.

Interesting how they managed to blurb the bit at the end where she mentions Thatcher. I wonder what she said there?
FrankieGaz This interviewer is completely out of her league here. What a horrible interview
Peter Salmon
Peter Salmon Unpaid work done by women in the home? What about the unpaid work done by men around the house? they have spent 40 hours a week working and then women expect them to DIY around the house, fix the car, work in the garden. It is a shared responsibility managing a home.
Metoo campaign? Women are drawn towards powerful men and are happy to flirt. When things don't go their way they then complain about harassment. They are complicit.