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#PuranaPyaar | Mohan Agashe | Lillette Dubey | Romantic Comedy Web Series | Love Handles -

You don’t stop falling in love when you grow old, you grow old when you stop falling in love said Johnny Welch. Watch the story of an old man and an old woman who decide to run away from an old-age home. Do they find what they are looking for? Or is there a twist in the tale?

#PuranaPyaar is a new age love story of two oldies, that tells you that you are never too old for love. Rediscover romance, adventure and the magic of the mountains with Purana Pyaar, story 5 and season finale of the romantic comedy web series Love Handles S1.

Restore your faith in love with the legends - Mohan Agashe and Lillette Dubey and with the golden voice of Suresh Wadkar exclusively on Gorilla shorts.

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