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5 Countries Most Likely To Leave The EU - Vidozee

5 Countries Most Likely To Leave The EU
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In many ways the British vote to leave the European Union during their referendum on the 23rd of June, 2016 was the first crack in the foundations of the EU. However the question remains, will there be other fissures in this political institution? These are the five countries that are most likely to leave the European Union.

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D P Leave the EU is better , from Italy
David Simpson
David Simpson ONE out all out after all we are a UNION that what are communist left wing socialist unions tell us so come on comrades let's get out.
Nicholas Clark
Nicholas Clark No lets go.
Tineke de Vos-Elsenaar
Tineke de Vos-Elsenaar The Dutch population is in an overwelming majority pro EU. Mr Wilders in the last pol has10 % of the votes. Since the brexit trubles more and more dutch people are pro EU than three years ago. It is all wishfull thinking of the brexeteers. We are not so mad to leave the largest economic block in the world and change to some WTO noncence that is a second car were the EU trade deals are a Rolls Roys. Brussels makes many mistakes and is sometime a pain in the ass but that is nothing compered to the advantages the membership has.
Pauline Singleton
Pauline Singleton I voted to leave the EU, I am one of the 17million people that voted out and we will not stop in our quest to get out, we are fighting our corrupt government and they will not win