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I made a Mumbo Proof House in Minecraft
Grian — Published 4 months ago
Likes: 185, 133 — Dislikes: 3, 727
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Making a MUMBO PROOF Minecraft House. Grian spent a week making a minecraft house that is purely designed to be anti mumbo. Let's see how he reacts and what he has in store for me.

thank you to Methodzz for his redstone help and luvidubai for his help with the cars!

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Supra Nova
Supra Nova Can't find the reaction
Já CZ That house looks good
Dude Bro
Dude Bro I want that to be my house cause I like it
Gashiel Gaming
Gashiel Gaming am I the only one who likes grians mumbo proof house
Andy Meaghan
Andy Meaghan Annoying people is sort of what grian does, so that build couldnt of been that hard!